Śląski Związek Szachowy - logotyp na 100-lecie

Tekla Klebetnica will warm up the audience before the Festival

Zespół Tekla Klebetnica

The 10th Katowice Chess Festival will begin on Saturday 9 September at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. The festival has many attractions planned, including musical performances. On Saturday at 9:30 a.m., the band Tekla Klebetnica will perform on stage.

Car park at the NOSPR closed for use

Parking NOSPR

The car park next to the building of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice (NOSPR) is closed for use in connection with the Katowice City Days, which will take place from 1 September.

Application deadline extended to 7 September!

The organiser of the 10th Katowice Chess Festival has extended the deadline for applications until 7 September (Thursday) 2023 at 12:00 p.m. All those wishing to participate in the Festival on the last day are asked to complete the application form and send confirmation of payment of the entry fee to the organiser’s address.

Judit Polgar again in Katowice

Judit Polgar - World Chess Hall of Fame

Judit Polgar, one of the most outstanding chess players in history, will once again appear in Katowice. She will take part in the 10th Katowice Chess Festival from 8 to 10 September 2023.

Welcome to the City of chess!

We are inviting you to the 10th Katowice Chess Festival, to be held on September 9-10, 2023 at the International Congress Center in Katowice, Poland. This is a jubilee edition of the festival, and we are expecting a record number of participants.