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Judit Polgar again in Katowice

Judit Polgar, one of the most outstanding chess players in history, will once again appear in Katowice. She will take part in the 10th Katowice Chess Festival from 8 to 10 September 2023.

Polgar was born in Budapest in 1976. She learnt to play chess at the age of five and already won a gold medal in the World Junior Championships at the age of 12. In 1991, she became the youngest grandmaster in history, aged just 15 years and four months.

Judit Polgar (World Chess Hall of Fame) fot. Crystal Fuller

In her career, Judit Polgar has enjoyed many successes. She was, among others:

  • the best female chess player in the world for 26 years (1989-2015)
  • the first woman to cross the threshold of 2,700 ranking points
  • three-time medallist at the Chess Olympiads: jointly with her team – twice silver (2002, 2014) and individually – bronze (2002 – on the 2nd chessboard)

In 2014, Polgar ended her professional career. Since then, she has continued to be active in chess, contributing to various promotional and educational projects.

In 2015, Polgar visited Katowice during the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Chess Tournament. This year she will have the opportunity to showcase her skills again in the Silesian capital.

The 10th Katowice Chess Festival is a unique event that attracts chess enthusiasts from all over the world. This year, the Festival will have a wide range of events, including:

  • chess tournaments for amateurs and professionals
  • chess demonstrations and workshops for children

The Festival is an excellent opportunity to learn more about this beautiful and challenging game.
We warmly invite you to participate in the 10th Katowice Chess Festival!

  1. Judit Polgar (World Chess Hall of Fame) fot. Crystal Fuller ↩︎
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